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Rachael Nurenberg

8633 Antelope North Rd, Antelope, CA 95843

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Embarking on a dynamic journey, I initially thrived as a hairstylist, when events prompted a significant turn, leading me to transition into the real estate realm in 2019. Honored as “Rookie of the Year” in 2019, I navigated the real estate landscape even while expecting my first daughter. After her arrival, my entrepreneurial spirit led me to shift gears towards the administrative side of real estate in 2020. In 2021, with the expansion of my family once again, I seamlessly embraced the role of a transaction coordinator, weaving together my professional success and the joys of motherhood.  In 2023, I helped build White Glove Experience as the COO, revolutionizing real estate operations to empower agents with time freedom and unparalleled service. Simultaneously, I established Concept Fabrication, a venture born out of the need for customizable solutions in a market saturated with cookie-cutter offerings. My husband and I lead this endeavor, crafting unique pieces for agents and clients alike.

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